Hi there! My name is Lydia Terry and I have been tutoring Jr. High and High School standardized tests for 6 years. I have worked with several different companies using several different programs and overtime have developed a customizable program for your student.

There are two main reasons a student misses a question on a standardized test. Either they are missing the academic content or they are dealing with question they are not used to. For the college prep high school student, more often than not, the reason they miss is the latter.

Most tutoring programs charge thousands of dollars to review the academic content and then bring a little test strategy. Or they just administer practice tests. I, however, lead with test strategy, supported by academic content. My students and I carefully break down test questions, analyze them to understand exactly what is being asked, and take an epistemological approach to raising the score.

I founded Ampersand Prep in 2021 to bring affordable and effective test strategy to as many students as possible. I offer individual tutoring, group classes, study halls, videos, and a discussion forum.